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Build Unstoppable Confidence.  Skyrocket Your Fitness Level.  Take Your Life Back Today.
ATTENTION: For group classes in mixed martial arts, including Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Women's Kickboxing, please check out Pentagon Mixed Martial Arts, LLC, our sister studio in Arlington, Virginia, at!
By providing personalized, in-home training at fantastic rates, Kickboxing for Life is on a mission to improve the lives of both adults and children through the art of Muay Thai, also known as Kickboxing or Thai Boxing.  Kickboxing provides an intense, exciting, full-body workout unlike your usual routine of treadmills and weights.  Whether you are a beginner or a top-level athlete, whether you are looking to bring a change to your workout routine, learn self-defense, or simply trying to get in shape, Kickboxing for Life will take your mental and physical fitness to the next level.  

At Kickboxing for Life, we believe that each and every one of you can and should train at your full potential and get the best results you deserve.  If you would like to train like a fighter or athlete with our award winning instructors, then you are in the right place.  Whatever your or your child's goal may be, we will help you achieve your goals though our proven one-on-one in-home training.  

Here are just a few benefits that can be obtained from a well-balanced martial arts training program:

  • Physical and Mental Fitness - Martial artists are known to be among the most elite athletes in the world.  The fitness benefits of martial arts come from both the power and speed required of arts such as Kickboxing.  Kickboxing requires quick footwork and flexibility for both upper-body and lower-body kicks.  As you progress in your training, you learn to coordinate this speed and power, and develop a concentration to effectively focus all of your body's strength.  Our martial arts program focuses not only on technique but also on physical education.  We specialize in taking your physical and mental fitness levels to the next level by providing an exciting new style of working out, a high-intensity conditioning and toning program different from anything you have ever experienced before.
  • Self-defense Personal safety has increasingly become a concern for both men and women of all ages.  At Kickboxing for Life, we produce well-balanced, versatile martial artists who can defend themselves with confidence.  As you master new techniques and accomplish new goals, you will take your mental toughness to the next level.